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How I Recreated the Music Video Gorillaz – Andromeda with WebGL

This is  a recreation of Gorillaz Andromeda music video in WebGL. It mimics same visuals and effects in the music video by rendering whole scene on desktop and mobile browsers.

View the project.
Check out the story about this on Medium.

Building Portfolio Headers With Three.js

Three.js is awesome 3D library that I play with since it came out. Building little experiments, playing with shaders etc are always fun. So I decided to build a 3D fancy video player for my portfolio posts. Isn’t it better than static images?

It has a simple scene. I added bunch of randomised triangles in the background. Set their colors to dominant colors of the given project. In the center I added a simple plane with a video texture on it.

I’ll share the source after I revise it a bit.