Morhipo is one the biggest e-commerce retailers in Turkey. I redevelopped the iOS app and this new version has 20% more active users then the previous version.

This new app has:

  • 99% crash free rate with 50k daily active users.
  • AI enabled networking debugging tools.
  • slick smooth UI transations.
  • open source Screenshot sharing module that increased the rate of sharing.
  • Universal links, spotlight searching, force touch capabilities.

Today Morhipo iOS app is featured in App Store and Apple Store Istanbul.



Trendyol is the biggest fashion e-trailer in Turkey and the largest retail e-commerce player overall in terms of number of orders.

This iPad version I developed has:

  • 99% crash free rate with more than 100k daily active users.
  • custom smooth UI animations that is added especially for orientation change.
  • analytics tracking to its end.
  • credit card saving mechanism.



Vakkorama is the core young luxury-fashion brand in Turkey for more than 30 years. The iOS app of Vakkorama is specifically built to engage the young consumer, more with the brand via omnichannel initiatives.

This iOS app has:

  • 99% crash free rate.
  • QR code generation for its loyalty programme.
  • open source unique fluid UI animation modules.

This app is started to be used 5 days per week by its customers as a loyalty app.

Unlock Turkey

Unlock Turkey aims to be the ultimate guide for tourists who are visiting Turkey. The project was created by Garanti which is the second private bank in Turkey. Via the app Garanti aimed to be the bank of the tourists too.

This iOS app has:

  • 99% crash free rate.
  • offfline capabilities.
  • custom sound player.
  • location services to its full extend.


Goano was my first startup experience. It was hashtag based anonymous chat application that connected its users with their personal hashtags. It was loved and still missed today by thousands people.

As a only developer in team I developed:

  • iOS client with %99 crash free rate, unique swipe gestures.
  • backend with Node.JS, custom socket server, MongoDB and Redis.

Goano was invested by Sinan Guler who is one of the most influential basketball players in Turkey. Goano was presented at Startup Istanbul, which is the leading startup event in eurasia.